These are all of the transpilers currently included in PipeScript:

Name Synopsis
Aliases Dynamically Defines Aliases
All all keyword
ArrowOperator Arrow Operator
Assert Assert keyword
Await awaits asynchronous operations
Bash Wraps PowerShell in a Bash Script
Batch Wraps PowerShell in a Windows Batch Script
BatchPowerShell Wraps PowerShell in a Windows Batch Script
ConditionalKeyword Conditional Keyword Expansion
Decorate decorate transpiler
Define Defines a variable
Dot Dot Notation
DoubleDotting Supports “Double Dotted” location changes
EqualityComparison Allows equality comparison.
EqualityTypeComparison Allows equality type comparison.
Explicit Makes Output from a PowerShell function Explicit.
Help Help Transpiler
Include Includes Files
Inherit Inherits a Command
ModuleExports Gets Module Exports
ModuleRelationship Gets Module Relationships
NamespacedAlias Declares a namespaced alias
NamespacedFunction Namespaced functions
NamespacedObject Namespaced functions
New ‘new’ keyword
Object Object Keyword
OutputFile Outputs to a File
PipedAssignment Piped Assignment Transpiler
PipeScript.Aspect Aspect Transpiler
PipeScript.AttributedExpression The PipeScript AttributedExpression Transpiler
Pipescript.FunctionDefinition PipeScript Function Transpiler
PipeScript.Protocol Core Protocol Transpiler
Pipescript The Core PipeScript Transpiler
PipeScript.Template Template Transpiler
PipeScript.Translator PipeScript Translator
PipeScript.TypeConstraint Transpiles Type Constraints
PipeScript.TypeExpression The PipeScript TypeExpression Transpiler
ProxyCommand Creates Proxy Commands
RemoveParameter Removes Parameters from a ScriptBlock
RenameVariable Renames variables
Requires requires one or more modules, variables, or types.
Rest Generates PowerShell to talk to a REST api.
SwitchAsIs Switches based off of type, using as or is
Until until keyword
ValidateExtension Validates Extensions
ValidatePlatform Validates the Platform
ValidatePropertyName Validates Property Names
ValidateScriptBlock Validates Script Blocks
ValidateTypes Validates if an object is one or more types.
ValidValues Dynamically Defines ValidateSet attributes
VBN ValueFromPiplineByPropertyName Shorthand
VFP ValueFromPipline Shorthand
When On / When keyword
WhereMethod Where Method